Top 10 Facts about Windows XP

Top 10 Facts about Windows XP. Here below you can read top ten interesting facts about Windows XP.Windows XP are use in personal computer as a operating system.Windows is the product of  Microsoft.

Facts about Windows XP

Facts about Windows XP

  1. Windows XP took 5,734 Microsoft employees 600 days to develop. During that time, 504 Microsoft babies were born and 86,400 Starbucks Frappuccinos were served.
  2. Ever wondered what XP stands for? It’s Windows eXPerience
  3.  Windows XP’s original codename was ‘Whistler’ after the ski resort in British Colombia where many
  4. Microsoft employees vacationed.
  5. Dollars raised for Seattle Ronald McDonald House (local charity): $2 million
  6. Number of test cases for system restore feature: 1.6 million
  7. Number of Direct3D graphics test cases run since Windows XP RC1: 43,114,143
  8. Number of applications tested for compatibility: 5,500
  9. Number of devices supported out of the box: 12,000
  10. Percentage of the most popular PC applications distributed in the last three years that will be compatible with Windows XP: 90%

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