Top 10 Google Plus Facts

Top 10 Google Plus Facts. You can find here top ten interesting Facts about Google Plus. Google Plus is world famous social site you can share your pics,status and video on this social site.

Google Plus Facts

Google Plus Facts

  1. Google Plus was launched in June 2011 as an invite only service, then went public in September 2011
  2. It’s growing 33% per annum
  3. 70% of brands have a presence on Google+ (including 48% of Fortune Global 100 companies)
  4. 41% of B2C marketers and 39% B2B marketers are using it to source new business
  5. Google Plus is the most male-oriented of the major social networks (68% male / 32% female)
  6. Cadbury’s UK launched its Bubbly bar on this platform back in 2012
  7. 12 minutes a day – that’s how long the average user spends on Google+
  8. 1.5 billion – the average number of images being uploaded each week
  9. Did you know? The +1 button is used over 5 billion times per day
  10. Google Plus can improve your search ranking

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