Top 10 Weird Facts but Strange true

Top 10 Weird Facts but Strange true. Here below you can read top ten Weird Facts That Are Strange But True. Read these True facts and amaze yourself .

Weird Facts

Weird Facts

  1. Birds do not sleep in their nests. They may occasionally nap in them, but they actually sleep in other places.
  2. The formula for cold cream has hardly changed at all in the 1,700 years since it was originally made by the Roman physician Galen
  3. Crocodiles and alligators are surprisingly fast on land. Although they are rapid, they are not agile; so if you ever find yourself chased by one, run in a zigzag line. You’ll lose him or her every time.
  4. In 1500 B.C. in Egypt a shaved head was considered the ultimate in feminine beauty. Egyptian women removed every hair from their heads with special gold tweezers and polished their scalps to a high sheen with buffing cloths.
  5. In ancient China and certain parts of India, mouse meat was considered a great delicacy.
  6. In ancient Greece, where the mouse was sacred to Apollo, mice were sometimes devoured by temple priests.
  7. In the United States, a pound of potato chips costs two hundred times more than a pound of potatoes.
  8. A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can.
  9. Blue whales weigh as much as 30 elephants and are as long as 3 Greyhound buses.
  10. Tibetans, Mongolians, and people in parts of western China put salt in their tea instead of sugar

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